2-PACK Rose ICON Pre-Rolls




Product Details

  • Organic CBD Hemp Flower
  • Federal Farm Bill Compliant, less than 0.3% THC
  • 2 pack, 1 gram joints
  • Strain is Baox #5
  • Rose Benefits: Uplifting & mood enhancer
  • Exclusively bred by Trilogene Seeds.


A pack of (2) 1 gram cannabinoid & terpene rich CBD Hemp Pre-Rolls bred & grown exclusively by Trilogene Seeds. An indoor, no-till, living soil organic cultivation approach mixed with a blend of organic rose, & 99+% CBD Isolate.


Sweet Wife: A spicy array of lemons dipped in molasses with a cheesey funk of sweat at your neighborhood nursery.

TBB S1 (The Big Bang): A special 4:1 CBD to CBC ratio on this hemp flower with a heavy blueberry and raspberry tone of a freshly harvested garden. A complex aroma of sweet blueberry lemonade, but no sour for the sugar fiends.

CBGambit: A CBG dominant, mild blend of freshly harvested microgreens with an array of plant matter, black pepper, and pine nuts. The mother of all cannabinoids, CBG, is a great option for those looking for a (close to) 0% THC pleasurable smoking experience with anti fungal & anti inflammatory properties.

Effects: An uplifting, mood enhancer that is perfect as an after lunch special before finishing your work day or much needed boost of energy before a social event.

Sweet WifeTBB S1 (The Big Bang)CBGambit
Total Cannabinoids16.76%15.76%14.80%
Potential THC %0.30%0.30%0.05%
Aromatics Added<1% Organic Rose<1% Organic Rose<1% Organic Rose
Lot #0120RPSW1219RPTBB1119RPCBG